James R Baker Studios

James R Baker Studios



Since 1973, I have restored hundreds of fine instruments. Below are examples of the wide range I have conserved and restored,. Especially exciting are the Early Romantics. I believe that all instruments were made to be played, so I restore to concert ready condition.

Left photo: A very early Martin, similar to the example on the cover of the latest Martin History Book Box Set.

1957 Fender Esquire

Restored and conserved to immaculate original condition

L10-1 .jpg

1950’s Gibson L-10

This guitar was featured in 20th Century Guitar Magazine as the “Unrepairable Gibson,” so bad it was not possible. The owner brought it to me eight years ago, he still performs with it all the time.


1911 Gibson Harp Guitar

This was in pieces. I made a replacement bridge that emulates the original and has perfect intonation.


Bigsby Mandolin

It fell apart, the plastic parts had cracked. Now you would never be able to tell.


1822 Gennero Fabricatorie

Many inlays were missing, half the original bridge broken off and the entire guitar was twisted out of shape.

It left my studio concert ready.


1970 Gibson Dreadnaught

All the problems of these years of Gibsons solved and restructured into a powerful player.


Gibson L-5

Many original parts of this instrument were missing and the neck was ruined. After an exhaustive search of contacts in the field for rare parts and then a careful restoration, this wonderful guitar come alive again.


1895 Manuel Sousa Villeuhela

Built in 1896 by Manuel Sousa in Povincetown Mass. I made hundreds of missing Ebony, Mother of Pearl and Bone (replacing missing Ivory) Inlays and repaired massive damage.

Currently in the collection of the Provencetown Museuem.